TutuApp Free Download no Jailbreak

TutuApp is the best application in case you want to play games on Android or iOS for free. Want to know more about TutuApp? Check out the guide below and download the application.

TutuApp Téléchargement gratuit

What is TutuApp? It’s the best app store for Android and iOS devices. Yes, you can use Google Play or Apple Store to download many games or applications. But many of them have annoying ads that appear every time you do something when you just want to play a game. And some games aren’t free and require your credit card number to pay for them or for any addon a game has. Sometimes this can lead to a bad user experience and many players don’t like it when gameplay is interrupted by such petty things.

Tutu App doesn’t have any of those things. The games are completely free to download. Everything you would have to pay if you downloaded a game from the official App Store is unlocked and free to use! This is the best thing TutuApp has to offer to any user who downloads the app today.

Now that you know what TutuApp has to offer you, you can choose the version you want to download: Android (APK file) or iOS (IPA file).

Download TutuApp APK

Download TutuApp iOS VIP


Features of TutuApp

The application has a lot to offer to mobile users, but these are the main reasons why it is a top-notch application:

  • Tutuapp is completely free. Other applications may have hidden transactions or payments, but this is not the case in this case. TutuApp is 100% free for anyone who wants to download and use it.
  • The application has a very user-friendly interface. The shop is easy to navigate, games can be ranked and reviews help to choose a game for a party. Even a 5 year old child can get familiar with the application without any training.
  • With the latest version of TutuApp, users can download games at the maximum speed available.
  • TutuApp supports many versions of Android, even the oldest. We tested it on Android 4.4 and it worked well. But for a better user experience, we recommend that you use the latest version of Android.
  • The iPhone version of TutuApp supports iOS versions from 7.x up to the latest available version.
  • The application is constantly updated and the library grows over time.
  • Many free and paid games are available in the shop: the famous Pokemon Go+++ game, Spotify++ mobile for music lovers, Snapchat, last year’s hit Clash of Clans and, of course, the best sandbox game of all time – Minecraft!
  • Overall, Tutu App Helper offers one of the best user experiences for many users and must have an app if you want to be at the top of the geek community.

TutuApp Free vs TutuApp Vip

Free TutuApp is available for everyone. But sometimes users want to upgrade their free application with VIP. What is TutuApp VIP and what it offers, we explain below.

TutuApp Free has some limitations that do not apply to VIP users. These limitations are :

  • Announcements. You won’t see any ads when you play a game, but when you browse the ads in the shop can be a bit boring. The VIP status disables them.
  • Premium users get the latest application updates faster than others.
  • TutuApp VIP is better supported by developers.
  • Exclusive offers are available for VIP users.
  • The price is $12.99 for one year.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to upgrade TutuApp Free to VIP but many are satisfied with the regular version.

How to download and install TutuApp

After learning so many good things about the application, it’s time to download it, isn’t it? TutuApp is available for both Android smartphones and iPhones (devices running iOS) and their installation instructions are a bit different.

To install TutuApp on Android, you must :

  1. Download the APK Tutuapp file.
  2. Tap on it and the installation wizard will uncompress it on your Android phone.

That’s it, that’s it! By following these steps, you will install TutuApp in seconds. More information on how to install the application on Android is available on the TutuApp APK free download page. On this page there is an answer to the question why you can’t download TutuApp for iPhone.

For iOS users, the installation is almost the same but they may encounter the error ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer’. To solve this problem, they should follow the steps that you can find on the free download page of TutuApp iOS.



Is Tutuapp Safe ?

Yes, it is. The application has been tested on many games and mobile users and all of them trust it.

How many games are available in the store?

Thousands of games and applications are available and each one is free!

Do I have to pay for TutuApp Free?

No, not at all! Only if you want to upgrade the application to the VIP version, you will be charged $12.99. When you install the application, you don’t need to provide any card number or payment information.

Can I install the application on my PC?

Yes, it is possible to install it on your personal computer. To do so, please refer to the TutuApp guide for PC download and installation.

Can I install it on my MacOS?

MacOS is also supported. More information about this can be found on the TutuApp MacOS page.

Do I have to jail my iPhone?

No! Don’t do this or you will lose your official warranty! This application does not require phone jailbreaking or root access.

Why doesn’t the application download on my Android/iPhone/PC/Mac?

Check your Internet connection. You must have a stable Internet connection otherwise TutuApp will not be able to download on your PC or smartphone. If you try to download the application via WiFi, you should wait for any arranger at any time. Today, 3G and 4G mobile Internet is much more stable and fast.

What is the latest version?

The latest version of the application is 3.2.3.

Are there any other alternatives to this application?

There are many other applications that have a large library of games and applications. Zestia Estender may be a good option for iOS users while Android users can take advantage of the new version of AppEven which has many free and paid games in the library.