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TutuApp is an application store that gives us the possibility to install any application on our device.The best thing is that TutuApp iOS is available, that's right, you can install TutuApp on your iPhone or iPad device. This is really striking due to the great limitations that the Apple house has, but you really can do it.

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Download and install Tutuapp iOs 2021

Installing Tutuapp is very easy for any type of user without knowledge of this type of application. A long time ago when the first versions of these applications were released,they could only be installed on the basis that our device was Jailbreack.

Download Tutuapp

tutuapp installation

  • Enter the official pageTutuApp, from there you can get the downloadTutuApp Lite and TutuApp Vip.
  • Locate the corresponding field fordownload TutuApp.
  • Once you have the file on your device,place it in the internal storage and run it. Before performing this step, do not forget to activate the option to allow unknown sources. Remember that you are installing an application that is not official.
  • The installation program will open and it will work just as if you were installing any other program.
  • The Apple system will send you a message"Untrusted Enterprise Developer."To run the installer, go to"Setting"Of the device.
  • Select from the menu list“General”.
  • Locate in the new list"Device manager"and select.
  • In the list locate theTutuApp developer.
  • A window will appear to which you will have to touch on "Trust".
  • Ready!In this way you will installTutuApp for iOS.

Download TutuApp iOS 2021 it is really possible, with this application you can get thousands of applications for free toiPad and iPhone. The first step you must take is to enter the official page and select from "TutuApp download 2021 ”. When you have the file downloaded you caninstall TutuApp for freeon your iPhone, remember the advantages that the application will bring you on your Apple.


tutuapp for ios free

This type of device has certain restrictions regarding the installation of applications. But with“TutuApp iPhone”It does not matter where in the world you live or when you decide to do it. When you install this application you will not have to make any kind of payment,download TutuApp 2021 iOSit's free, this is novel in view of Apple's policies. This is why many people are usingTutuApp Free on iOSas the main download store for Applications and Games.

It is time to explain the exact installation process ofTutuApp for iOS.Before installation locate the file"TutuApp iOS download"on the page that we have already described. When you already get it in youriPhone or iPadrun it and follow the instructions toinstall TutuApp iOS. Then to run the application follow the following steps.

Why use Tutuapp?

The main reasons for wanting to use this application is that we will not need an account anywhere such as the appstore or playstore. It brings advantages regarding the download speed it has. Downloading tutu app has many advantages:

  • Allows you to download any application that is not found in the default application stores.
  • It installs the application in a few seconds without abusing invasive advertising that annoys us.
  • Has moreapps to download for freein your store app.
  • Mods and Modified Gamesspecially created by other users for iOS and Android systems.

What can we download with tutuapp?

With the normal version of Tutuapp we will be able to download any application, the only thing that when using the free version, advertisements will be skipped very constantly.

The "VIP" version would remove the advertising and bring with itSpanish version of tutuapp available.

An important fact is that at the beginning of the launch of for android and iOs, Tutuapp was in Chinese. That is why it is one of the best applications in the Asian app market.

Frequently asked questions about us

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How many games are available in the store?

There are thousands of games and apps available and each of them is free!

Can I install the application on my PC?

Yes, it is possible to install it on your personal computer. To do this, see the TutuApp guide for downloading and installing on the PC.

Should I Jailbreak My iPhone?

No! Don't do it or you will lose your official guarantees! This app does not require jail by phone to be broken or root access.

Why is the application not downloading on my Android / iPhone / PC / Mac?

Understand that you connect to the Internet. You must have a stable internet connection, otherwise TutuApp will not be able to download to your PC or smartphone. If you intend to use the WiFi connection, you must wait for any host at any time. Today, 3G and 4G mobile Internet is much better and faster.

Are there other alternatives to this app?

There are many other applications that have a large library of games and applications. Zestia Estender can be a good choice for iOS users, while Android users can use the new version of the application Even which has many free and paid games in the library.

Can I install it on my MacOS?

MacOS is also supported. More information about this is available on the TutuApp MacOS page.

What is the latest version?

The latest version of the application is 3.2.3.

Do I have to pay for TutuApp Free?

No, it is not. Only if you want to upgrade the application to the VIP version, you will be charged $ 12.99. When you install the application, you do not need to provide any card number or payment information.