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TutuaApp is a free online store that was born as an alternative to the Apple Store . There you can find all kinds of content, from the official apps (without having to spend anything) to other cracked or improved.

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TutuApp was born because of all the limitations that existed in the official iOS App Store. Therefore, its creative team decided to launch an app that would allow users to do all kinds of things with their Smartphone. That is, they could use any app and download any content without any restriction.

Currently, TutuApp is distributed in two versions, the Lite version and the VIP version . These two versions are the names given to the free app and the paid app, so it is necessary to know the difference between the two.

TutuApp Lite allows you to download all kinds of content for free and without much hassle. Its main disadvantage is that it includes advertising and does not have the same maintenance as the VIP version.

In contrast, TutuApp VIP provides all the benefits of this app, plus it excludes advertising and has constant support. With it, apps won’t bypass any system security and you can have a smooth experience.

This application is divided into 4 lashes :

  • Home that will allow you to see the list of the most downloaded apps, the best selection for you and the newest news regarding applications. Here you’ll be able to stay up to date on all the new features TutuApp has to offer.
  • Games which will allow you to check all the games available in the app. In addition, you’ll be able to view the most downloaded games, see what’s new, and even search for games by category.
  • Apps that save all kinds of applications. Just like the Games tab, you can see the top downloads, view the new options, and search by category. Always try to log in here to find out what’s new.
  • Ranking that shows you the apps best rated by their users. If you want a reliable and attractive option, you’ll have to go through this section. It never hurts to know the best available on TutuApp.

How to download TutuApp Free without Jailbreak for iOs

TutuApp has versions for Android and iOS, being similar its download, although with some differences.

To download TutuApp you will need to have an iOS version higher than 4.4 . Make sure you meet this requirement so that you can follow our instructions and download this app without any problems.

Following the instructions, you can download TutuApp Lite and TutuApp VIP without any problem. The two versions are almost similar to install, so you will have no difficulty installing either of these.

Downloading this version is extremely simple. You can do your download in two ways .

The first is to scan the QR code that appears on the official TutuApp website. Simply have the image on your computer or any device, and then scan it with your iOS phone. After that, just follow the steps the system will tell you.

The second option is to make your download directly from your mobile phone . Simply go to the official website with your mobile device, find the download link, select it and follow the system prompts.

Remember that to have TutuApp VIP on your mobile device you must be a VIP user . To do so, you must purchase the annual subscription which costs $12.99 (US dollars).

Download TutuApp iPA

TutuApp for Android only consists of the Lite version . To download this version you will have to do a procedure almost identical to the download of the iOS version. Just go to the official TutuApp website and scan the QR code of the Android version.

If you want to download it directly from your mobile phone, just enter the page with it and click on the download link, wait until the download is finished, open the TutuApp APK and follow the steps.

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Option 2

Outstanding features

  • It is multi-compatible , having versions for iOS and Android.
  • It is totally free , and you can download all kinds of content quickly and securely.
  • It has a large list of available apps , so you can find all kinds of options.
  • You can get all kinds of cracked (or modified) mods and apps. Enjoy a better experience.
  • Allows unlimited downloads , so you can buy all kinds of apps and have no speed limit.
  • It is a fairly secure application , allowing its users to safeguard their data and privacy.

TutuApp is available on iOS and Android. Download it to your favorite device.